• Never Before Has Lawn Mowing Been This Convenient

    All you need is to simply click on the app or select "Auto Mapping" on the UI, and RoboUP will automatically map.

    Performance This Powerful

    RoboUP is smart and understands you. You can complete all the tasks of lawn mowing in your garden, including scientific planning, effective obstacle avoidance, cut-to-edge mowing, adaptation to different terrains, and nighttime mowing.

    Safety This Complete

    To ensure device safety and deal with any potential issues during the mowing process, we have implemented the reliable C-PASS system.

    Care This Thoughtful

    Making lawn mowing more convenient and maintenance easier is our constant pursuit.

    Product Features

    Rain Sensor

    RTK Navigation

    Alarm Sound

    LCD Screen

    Brushless Motor

    VSLAM Camera

    AI Camera

    Inertial Sensor

    Lift and Tilt Sensor

    Night Lighting

    RTK Base Station

    LED Indicator

    Charging Contacts
    RoboUP Your Life

    That's You

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